I am quite impressed with the work of Moving Hand Video.

Sue has lots of talent, but more importantly, she has a sharp intellect.

She took unique, complex concepts and quickly turned them into engaging animations with a human dimension that anyone could relate to easily.

The team is great to work with, at each step going beyond what I would have expected to make my projects a success.

— Enrico Maim, Software Developer, Switzerland

Sue took the information we provided and developed the script and visuals that helped communicate our complex service offering in an easy to understand format. She responded quickly to feedback, and was able to translate it to make value-added adjustments that ultimately resulted in a better video.

— Tara Kambeitz, Global Marketing Manager, UL LLC

I am very pleased with the video Sue Ramá created for my company. Sue worked closely with us to create an engaging video that quickly explains the benefits of our mentoring program for university athletics. Sue was creative and responsive to feedback. The result is a great video on our homepage that effectively introduces prospective clients to our program.

— Richard Bowe, CEO, UMentor

I find the work Sue Ramá did on the video from my quote ‘There is a River’ flawless and beautiful.

— ChoQosh Auh’ho’oh, Native Elder

Sue has been exceptionally perceptive in seeing into the heart of what I do and who I am. She cares deeply about her work and will go the extra mile for her client.

Sue took a good website and made a great one!

— Cathy Pedevillano, Shamanic Healer and Teacher

Thank you for all your help Sue. You really get what I’m trying to do. I so appreciate it! . . . .   I think you are the best!

Kanta Lipsky, Spirit Water Institute

WOW WOW WOW…. I just saw all the work you did and LOVE everything! I can hardly believe you can do so much so quickly and so accurately and beautifully!!

Victoria Ahrensdorf, Feldenkrais Noho

Sue designs beautiful, soulful websites that reflect the soul and vision of the client. See my website as an example.  I was particularly pleased with her design of a video for my site that illustrated the main theme of my book in a striking and evocative manner.  I can use parts of my website as teaching tools.

Sue is truly gifted as a visionary website designer. Thank you, Sue, for a website that I feel proud of and that represents me and my work accurately.

— Demaris Wehr, Author & Peacemaker

When it came time for me to begin a website for my business, River of Grace Yoga, I naturally turned to Sue Ramá.  Why? Because besides being especially loving and supportive, she is an inspirational artist and hard worker.

When I opened up my home page for the first time, I was stunned. Sue really got it! She got the deep reverence for Svaroopa yoga that is established in my business. She created an amazing logo for the site and for our business cards. My students who have been drawn to our yoga by the website or cards have come to class because Sue’s work well represents the best of what Svaroopa Yoga has to offer.

Sue has a fine eye for the artistic endeavor that is website design, and is open to feedback and suggestions. I recommend her highly to anyone wanting website design or marketing help.

 Carole Shivani Bull, Yoga Instructor 

The process of creating a website with Sue Ramá was rewarding on so many levels. In her initial meeting with me, Sue found a way to flush out my professional goals that I hadn’t even realized were there.

The process was very collaborative and she was great at making, as well as responding, to suggestions. We became a team and I felt that she wanted success for me as much as I wanted it. The end product was far beyond what I had hoped for.

In a very short time I was hired for the best job situation I could have imagined. In fact, the decision to hire me was made based on the website. When I walked in for what I thought was my interview,there was a contract waiting for me and I was hired on the spot.

I highly recommend Sue Ramá if you want a unique and effective website.

Jo Palumbo, Goldray Solar Design

This looks so great!!!! This is totally the vibe and the attitude that I was wishing the site would have, but I couldn’t verbalize it!

It’s simple, it’s slick, and yet i don’t think it is pretentious. amazing.

Adam Lipsky, Musician

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