Fine Art Portraits

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I begin each watercolor portrait with anticipation, trusting that the energy of my subject, my heart, and the magical fluidity of colors mixing in water will determine the trajectory. 

For me, it’s all about discovery. I generally start with a photograph. And sometimes the most candid ones can be the most inspirational, as the heart of the subject is there. 

I find myself falling a little bit in love with each subject at some point in the process of painting.

FEE: $375 for a custom portrait of one subject, 8″x10″. 

There is an initial $50 payment to commission a portrait. 

When the portrait is completed, I will send you a link to the image for you to approve. If you don’t want the portrait I send, there is no additional charge. If you do approve the painting, after receiving the rest of the fee, I will send you the painting and any prints of the image you might want to order.

Watercolor is a fugitive medium. It can fade over time in a room with moderate sunlight. A giclée print of the image is not prone to fading as those inks are steadfast over time.  You can order multiple prints of the same image in various sizes. A print that is double the size of the original painting will yield a  high-quality print.  In a digital image for giclée, changes can be made that cannot be made in the unforgiving medium of watercolor.  Please contact me for print prices and any other questions you may have. 

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