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Led by frédérique Trunk • Starting October 15, 2021

When you are comfortable with the basics, your music can flow.

A website is a largely visual medium that is generally scanned for content very quickly.  Before you read any more of this text I suggest that you take a moment to scan this webpage, just looking at the headlines (les titres), the subheads, and the images.  See all that is communicated just by those.

Websites are a particular genre. If a webpage is too text-heavy it does not invite interest, exploration, or readership. Design and imagery can and must quickly communicate the heart of a matter. Photos of students can help potential students easily imagine themselves as part of a friendly Zoom class no matter their instrument. 

Join small, supportive classes tailored to your needs.

I also had another idea that could be fun to do. Together, we could create a short introductory video with your narration and music about the frustration of reaching a limit in music and the delight of getting past that. I do create “explainer videos” as one of my businesses (see my animation page for samples).  Mostly I animate illustrations. But I would use photos for this, as that seems most appropriate for your work. We could perhaps integrate that with a video of you speaking to give viewers some sense of you, which would be valuable.  Video is actually the best way to communicate online, and a YouTube video like this would be easy to share. 

If you are interested in any of this you can contact me to discuss this further. If you are not, that is fine, please don’t think any more of it. This is just an offering, and I had fun creating it. I would love to help you.  

"Since I have myself been attracted to an array of musical genres I am open to all styles of music that the student would want to learn as long as it makes him or her happy."

About Frédérique

This would be the maximum content I would advise on one webpage.  You could put a button link to more content on another page or pages as shown below.

Are these workshops right for you?

Web visitors are more “viewers” than readers. They are trained to scan a webpage to gather the most relevant information in a few seconds. Unless the viewer is already sold on your workshops, they must be able to glean the basics and the appeal of your offering quickly or they will likely leave your webpage before learning much at all.  So the essential pieces of a webpage are the headlines, subheads, and images, as well as the negative space that makes these immediately visible.